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Emit & Hammemit - Discography
Жанр: Ambient Black Metal/Black Noise/Black Metal
Год выпуска диска: 2000-2014
Производитель диска: United Kingdom
Аудио кодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 128-320 kbps
Продолжительность: 11:41:53


Emit - Discography


[2000] The Mysterious Unknown [Demo]

[] [/url]
01 Untitled
02 Untitled
03 Untitled

[2002] Solipsistic Culmination [Demo]

01 Eerie Messages
02 Stained Floorboards
03 Leave Me In Peace / Lead Me To the Place
04 Those That Linger On
05 Marianne
06 Silence That Rotted Away
07 Unaware She's Dead

[2002] Unknown Presences Whisper [Demo]

01 A Lunatic Hermit Dies in His Woodland Home
02 Unknown Presences Whisper
03 Borley Rectory Breaks the Silence
04 For the Priest's Amusement
05 Behind the Manor House, Amongst the Weeds
06 Life, Death, and the Ghost
07 Cernunnos
08 Poisonous Mushrooms, Rotting Roadstools, and Moss
09 The Night of Panic
10 Black Dogs of Spectral Darkness
11 Heolstor - Furgenholt
12 Black Noises Emitting from Beyond

[2003] The Dark Bleeding [EP]

01 The Pain of Bleeding
02 Dead Before Death
03 Communications With Shadows
04 Unknown I (Greets Me Again)

[2003] Unknown I [Demo]

01 The Pain of Bleeding
02 Unknown I (Greets Me Again)
03 Communication With Shadows
04 Black Noises Emitting From Beyond

[2003] The Dungeon Miklosvar [Split]

01 A Miserable Death
02 Inhuman Malfeasence
03 You Pray For Death


04 Steps That Lead Below
05 Her Beauty
06 Carpathian Bog

[2004] The Mysterious Unknown... Revealed [Compilation]

01 Untitled I
02 Untitled II 10:26
03 Untitled IIII
04 Those About To Die (Live)
05 Untitled (Live)
06 Torture Session (Excerpt)
07 Black Noise
08 Eerie Messages
09 Stained Floorboards
10 Leave Me In Peace / Lead Me To The Place
11 Those That Linger On
12 Marianne
13 Silence That Rotted Away
14 Unaware She's Dead

[2004] In Darkness Let Me Dwell [Demo]

01 In Darkness Let Me Dwell
02 A Miserable Death
03 inhuman Malfeasance
04 You Pray for Death
05 Casual Session I

[2004] Lost In The Unknown Dark [Demo]

01 Lost in the Unknown Dark
02 Apparitions at Belmez
03 Myra's Joy through Sadism
04 Tools of Psychic Genocide
05 The Single Star is Dead

[2004] The Dark Gods [Demo]

01 Distant Dragon
02 Watching from the Hills
03 Cold Fire
04 In Darkness Let Me Dwell
05 A Miserable Death
06 Inhuman Malfeasance
07 You Pray for Death

[2005] A Sword of Death For The Prince

01 Herald the Dawn With Your Offerings
02 Nitimur in Vetitum
03 Utlag, Avenger, Spiritual Scourge of Deformity
04 Sinister Obliteration of Human Humus (Raw Hermetic Materials)
05 Where God's Shadow Resides
06 Sorrow and Suffering Beget Triumph (Amaka Hahina Interpretation)
07 Echoes of Mass Murder, the Dark Bleeding
08 Outro - Into the Black Waters...

[2005] The Divine Eye - Musikalisches Opfer / Pestilence 1440 [Split]

01 The Desolate Song of Sekhmet
02 Infinite Lucidity
03 Death's Black Diadem
04 Misguided Desires
05 Herald of the Master Builder
06 Falling in Disarray
07 Manifesting Through Me
08 Iconoclastic Renaissance

09 Hellchoir (Pestilence 1440)
10 Black Chemical Waltz
11 Heresy Divine
12 Inverse Devotion
13 Between the Astral Shades

[2007] A Vision of 1682 [Demo]

01 A Vision of 1682
02 World To Come
03 Drunk On The Promise of The Ecstasy of Pre Life's Death Post Life
04 Shambolic Procession
05 About The Room Where I Sleep

[2008] Abortions [Compilation]

01 Behind These Eyes
02 Decay and Arise
03 The Return
04 An Empty Room & A Mysterious Sermon
05 Awaiting Ultimate Consummation
06 Preco Preheminencie (The Herald Preceded The Prince)
07 Waking Dreams
08 Division
09 Exhaling Life, Channelling Death
10 Conveyance Church Essence
11 Entering The Mysterious Unknown
12 Neoclassical Death Trance Musick
13 Forbidden Entry To The Temple
14 Leading Light of Errant Children (Hammemit)
15 The Oppression of Centuries
16 Visions of Timeless Nought

[2009] The Dark Bleeding Gods [Compilation]

01 Untitled
02 Untitled
03 Untitled
04 Untitled
05 Untitled
06 Untitled
07 Untitled
08 Untitled
09 Untitled
10 Untitled
11 Untitled

[2012] Emit [Demo]


[2014] Spectre Music Of An Antiquary

01 Haunter Of Benighted English Summers
02 Mors Wher Devels Are Abrod
03 Dusk Gardens Of Translucent Mansions
04 Shades Over The Mere
05 Trees Once Adornd With Severed Heads
06 Sylvan Old Enchanter
07 Beneath Carvings Linger
08 Earthwork Misthill
09 The Meadow Reapers (A Field Recording)
10 Emanations From Beneath Far Hills, Beyond Far Moons


Hammemit - Discography


[2007] Demo Tracks MMVII [Demo]

01 Part I. The Abbey of Breathing Manuscripts
02 Part II. From A Window, The Past To Come

[2008] Spires Over The Burial Womb

01 The Young Monk In Earnest
02 Spires Over The Burial Womb
03 A State of Blissful Unknowing
04 Shamelessly I Went Around
05 A Joy So Near To Melancholy
06 A Distance Not So Distant
07 Following The Ancient Leys
08 Awakening Ruins
09 The Promise Made At The Dawn

[2009] Nature Mystic

01 Storms
02 Nature's Beautiful Ugliness
03 Nights Alone With The Stars
04 The Persistent Call
05 How Small They Must Have Felt
06 Dreamstate Hagioscope
07 Mysteries of The Church
08 A Memory I Wish I Had
09 Churchyard Tree
Доп. информация: Проект из Англии, образованная в 1998 году, которая представила нам музыку в стиле Ambient Black Metal. Сами музыканты называют свой стиль: Black Noise. Музыка действительно поражает своей "чернотой" и пробирает до костей.

Немного об альбомах

The Dark Bleeding - Лимитированное издание на кассете в 500 копий.
The Dungeon Miklosvar - Лимитированное издание в 30 копий.
Lost In The Unknown Dark - Кассета запись которой сделана на одной стороне.
The Dark Gods - Кассета выпущенная ограниченным колличеством.
A Sword of Death for the Prince - Существует еще и кассетная версия выпущенная Total Holocaust Records.
A Vision of 1682 - Кассета запись которой сделана на одной стороне.
The Dark Bleeding Gods - Компиляция ремастированых релизов "The Dark Bleeding" и "The Dark Gods".
Emit - Лимитированное издание на кассете в 100 копий.
Spectre Music Of An Antiquary - Переиздание кассетной версии 2012 года.
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