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World Under Blood-- -Год выпуска : 2011
Страна : USA, Los Angeles, California
Жанр : Melodic Death Metal
Продолжительность : 00:36:41
Формат : MP3
-Описание / О группе :ENG :
World Under Blood was formed in September of 2006 when CKY guitarist Deron Miller and acclaimed drummer Tim Yeung encountered each other at the Rainbow Room in Hollywood. "We found out that we had been fans of each other for years and decided, after too many drinks, to form a melodic death metal band", says Miller. "I remember saying let's not just talk about it... let's really do it, and right then and there he was in". The two began rehearsals at AMP studios in Studio City, and quickly came up with the 3 songs that would ultimately wind up on the 2006 demo. "The songs came so didn’t matter that some of the parts had weird time changes, or difficult arrangements. Tim was so easy to work with and understood immediately what I was trying to do. I was blown away.

Узнать больше (ENG):

Tim had moved to Los Angeles from Rochester, NY in hopes of joining an established band that needed a drummer. "While we were writing those first 3 songs, I got a strange call from FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares. He told me that Tim was no good and would probably steal from me or do something shady, and you gotta love Dino because that was just Dino the businessman who was just preparing to yank Tim right out from under me for his new band DIVINE HERESY. I don't blame Dino at all for that because it was something that I probably would have done, and besides it was a better paying job than WORLD UNDER BLOOD was at that point." However, Tim agreed to commit to both bands and Deron began seeking the proper studio to record the first 3 songs, "Dead And Still In Pain", "A God Among The Waste", and "Under The Autumn Low". "Tim and Dino invited me down to the studio to observe while they were recording some demos with producer/engineer and ex-MACHINE HEAD guitarist Logan Mader."I couldn't believe how killer their stuff sounded and they were only instrumentals at the time. So I said to Logan, "here's my credit card let's get started ASAP."
Without a completed line-up, Yeung laid down his drum tracks in a day and Miller was left to complete the recording. "Logan and I were in the studio for weeks finishing these songs and to this day I still don’t know whether he enjoyed working with me or not but it didn't matter. He was totally pro and I remember he would tilt his head to the right like a dog whenever I did something he liked." After the material was tracked, Deron had Logan mix “Dead and Still In Pain” and then begged legendary death metal guitarist turned producer James Murphy to mix the other 2 for free. "Murphy loved the songs and told me that if and when we get a deal, he would love to record the rest of the album."
Excited about the brutal mixes that were handed in, Deron immediately threw up a Myspace page for the band and posted the 3 songs for streaming. "The response was incredible. CKY fans, Tim's fans and metal heads from all over the world were hitting the site and we didn't even have a band yet. One of my biggest mistakes during this whole time was jumping the gun and announcing the project prematurely." The popularity and the traffic of the site at one time had WORLD UNDER BLOOD in the top 5 unsigned bands on Myspace. Panicking, Miller set out to complete the line-up. "Someone sent me a message on Myspace telling me I just had to check out this guy Luke Jaeger's guitar skills. I was about to ignore it but decided to look up some Youtube vids he had done. I was completely blown away and got his number somehow and before I knew it Luke was on board. I flew him out to my house to meet him and he stayed over a weekend, and I just thought he was hilarious and very eccentric... it was perfect."
Now all WORLD UNDER BLOOD needed was a bassist. "That was pretty easy. Tim was friends with Risha Eryavec who was at the time in DECREPIT BIRTH and we went to some club to see them play. Risha's technical abilities and stage presence was just what we were looking for, so I made the calls and he was recruited." At the same time Miller and Yeung frequented many death metal gigs in L.A. and eventually hooked up with Nuclear Blast Records A&R Gerardo Martinez.
Soon after, production began on the debut album in late 2007 in various studios. Once Tim and Deron had finished writing the 8 songs that would appear on the album, drums were laid down quickly and James Murphy and Luke Jaeger were flown in to record guitars and bass. "The remaining 6 songs (which included a cover of MEGADEATH's "Wake Up Dead") were instrumentals for a very long time. I wanted to be very careful with what I came up with lyrically." Other unfortunate circumstances delayed completion of the WORLD UNDER BLOOD record for at least a year. CKY still had not delivered an album to Roadrunner Records and internal turmoil within the band broke up CKY for all of 2008. "I didn't speak to any CKY members for a year but we all started getting contacted by Roadrunner demanding an album." CKY eventually re-united and completed the band's unfinished masterpiece, Carver City which took up to 6 months, forcing WORLD UNDER BLOOD onto the back burner. Incessant touring for the CKY album delayed WORLD UNDER BLOOD even longer.
Shortly after CKY parted ways with Roadrunner in 2010, Deron finished writing lyrics and flew to James Murphy's house in Lakeland, FL to track all remaining vocals. "I was there about a week and we had a great time. James didn't let me get away with any sub-par performances. He had an amazing ear for vocals and whenever I slipped up in the most subtle way, he caught me every time. Tim was in Florida at the same time rehearsing with MORBID ANGEL...the job he snagged when DIVINVE HERESY went on hiatus."
The completed record, now entitled Tactical, was now in the hands of James Murphy to mix. As a result of Deron's random touring and recording schedule, Murphy found it very difficult to find time to mix. "James was forced to take on other projects while CKY struggled to get back on track. On his end, everything from tornadoes, power outages, and personal family issues quickly left him far behind schedule. We were all frustrated and just wanted the record done." Tactical was finally handed in April, 2011, almost 5 years after the band's formation. The release date is set for July 26th. "We are so excited to finally get this out and prove that it was worth the wait. I love everything about this album, from Par Oloffson's and Travis Smith's killer artwork for the booklet, to James' stellar mixing job. From start to finish, it's a real achievement for all of us. I can't wait to bring WORLD UNDER BLOOD to the world!

Состав :

Текущий состав :
Deron Miller - Guitars, Vocals (2006-present) [See also: ex-CKY]
Luke Jaeger - Guitars (lead) (2007-present) [See also: Mincery, Sleep Terror, ex-Misogyny, ex-Vile, ex-All Shall Perish (live), ex-Suicide Culture]
Kyle Konkiel - Bass (2011-present) [See also: ex-Diminished 7, ex-In This Moment]
Mike Heller - Drums (2012-present) [See also: Fear Factory, Malignancy, System Divide, Kalopsia (live), ex-Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky]
Бывшие участники :
Tim Yeung - Drums (2006-2011) [See also: Morbid Angel (live), ex-Shaithus, ex-Windbreed, ex-Aurora Borealis, ex-Divine Heresy, ex-Hate Eternal, ex-Pestilence, ex-The Tenth Circle, ex-Nile (live), ex-Vital Remains (live), ex-Council of the Fallen, ex-Agiel, ex-Assjack]
Risha Eryavec - Bass (2007-2011) [See also: ex-Decrepit Birth, ex-Divine Heresy (live)]

Для ознакомления :

Альбом :

2011 - Tactical (320 kbps)

Продолжительность : 00:36:41
Треклист :
01 - A God Among the Waste [04:14]
02 - Into the Arms of Cruelty [04:39]
03 - Pyro-Compulsive [04:44]
04 - Dead and Still in Pain [04:13]
05 - Purgatory Dormitory [03:24]
06 - Under the Autumn Low [04:04]
07 - I Can't Stand His Name [03:06]
08 - Revere's Tears [04:45]
09 - Wake Up Dead (Megadeth Cover) [03:32]
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