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TONY MILLS, NILS K. RUE и ANDI KRAVLJACA выступили с NERGARD-- - 26-го марта NERGARD наконец-то дали концертное выступление, в котором принимали участие три вокалиста: Tony Mills (TNT, Shy), Nils K. Rue (Pagan’s Mind) и Andi Kravljaca (Aeon Zen, Thaurorod).
Полный сет-лист:
"Hell On Earth" (Nergard) - Andi Kravljaca/Nils K. Rue
"Nightfall" (Nergard) - Andi Kravljaca/Nils K. Rue
"The Haunted" (Nergard) - Nils K. Rue
"An Everlasting Dreamscape" (Nergard) - Andi Kravljaca
"Acrobat" (U2/Nergard) - Andi Kravljaca
"A Question Of God" (Nergard) - Tony Mills
"All I Ever Wanted" (Nergard) - Tony Mills
"Out In The Fields" (Gary Moore) - Tony Mills
"Break Down The Walls" (Shy) - Tony Mills
"Skydiving" (Shy) - Tony Mills
"I Don’t Believe In Love" (Queensryche) - Tony Mills
"Photograph" (Def Leppard) - Andi Kravljaca
"Paradise" (Coldplay) - Andi Kravljaca
"With or Without You" (U2/Nergard) - Andi Kravljaca
"It’s My Life" (Bon Jovi) - Andi Kravljaca
"Time Divine" (Aeon Zen) - Andi Kravljaca
"Pull Me Under" (Dream Theater) - Nils K. Rue
"Run To The Hills" (Iron Maiden) - Nils K. Rue
"I Want Out" (Helloween) - Nils K. Rue
"Jump" (Van Halen) - Nils K. Rue
"I Was Made For Loving You" (KISS) -Tony Mills/Andi Kravljaca/Nils K. Rue
"Here I Go Again" (Whitesnake) - Tony Mills/Andi Kravljaca/Nils K. Rue
"The Show Must Go On" (Queen) - Tony Mills/Andi Kravljaca/Nils K. Rue

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